Fishing Dock - Humanitarian Project

When the Safari Club International Drayton Valley Chapter was in it's infancy, the vision of this humanitarian project was created. We wanted to build a fishing dock for long-term care residents and individuals with disabilities to visit. We wanted to create a place what would become the highlight during the week for many of these individuals, and over the past few years that vision has become a reality.

Many members of the Drayton Valley SCI have family or know people that receive care in facilities in our area. We felt that as outdoor enthusiasts and a conservation group it was our duty to create a connection to the outdoors for these individuals.

We have built a 20 x 80 fishing dock with railing and benches, a slip resistant surface, wheel chair accessible facilities, a ramp to access the dock, and a large grassy picnic area. This site also includes the fishing equipment, lawn chairs and umbrellas so that individuals who do not want to fish can come and sit on the dock, suspended over the water watching the birds or many deer that frequent the pond.

SCI Drayton Valley welcomed over 200 guests to the fishing dock last summer alone. Our club is thrilled that the dock is used regularly and that the joy and ease the users feel here restores them and fills them with health and relaxation. We are proud that visitors are able to reflect and recall all of the beautiful memories that their life provided them and then add their time at the dock to the long list. We are continually working with long term care facilities of Drayton Valley, Breton, Edson, Warburg and Evansburg. We are also extending invitations to other groups such as Make a Wish Foundations, and Aging in Place Facilities.

Drayton Valley SCI has also made the commitment to have a club member at the dock for all of the visits. We want to ensure that if a hook needs to be tied, a fish netted or simply a coffee poured and a friendly listen, we have the members there to ensure that all visitors feel valued and remembered. If you would like to be part of a volunteer group who welcomes the user groups please contact Shannon Davie at 780-542-6777, and become a volunteer who is appreciated and valued by all of the fishing dock guests.
This was not an easy project to undertake and all SCI members played a part in its completion. Bill and Shannon Davie along with Coby and Paula Mahan worked endlessly from every angle to complete this project along with the caring president Jamie St. Michael. Raymond Broadbent was essential to the docks creation along with Adam Schwengler of Paint Druid, D. Karach Welding, Rod Paul of Wild Rose Oilfield Services, Kelly's Trucking, Nel's Tuftin, Tall Pine Timber, NuFloors, who also helped build this project. And lastly, the volunteers who showed up to help often in ways large or small, our club is so grateful to include you all as members.

The last praise that is paramount is a thank you to our community. We knew this because Drayton Valley is an incredibly caring, supportive and giving community. At our first annual banquet we requested the funds to create the dock and the town responded powerfully that this was a project to complete. For everyone who donated and supported Drayton Valley SCI, thank you. You have contributed to a beautiful project, much more you have contributed to a betterment of a community member's life.
Youth Hunter Education and Conservation

Our hunter training program is an important part of the many projects coordinated through the Drayton Valley SCI Chapter.
Everett Ness is our Youth Hunter Training Instructor. Everett has received his training through AHEIA, (Alberta Hunter Education Instructor Association). To date Drayton Valley SCI with the instruction and expertise of Everett Ness, and the support and organization of Barb Ness, have certified nearly 70 youth hunters. This is an accomplishment and responsibility that Drayton Valley SCI takes very seriously, and we are proud to support and train the future conservationists and hunters in our area.
Blue Bag Delivery

Drayton Valley SCI Chapter has been working diligently for the past 3 years with our community members to stock and deliver 6 bluebags to countries all over the world including Africa and Mexico. The praise in this endeavor goes to the many travelers who deliver the bags for our chapter as they travel the world.

We thank the valued members that Drayton Valley SCI is proud to have as worldwide representatives, committed to making a difference and working on behalf of the club.

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